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页面 可以附加一个或多个 框架 对象。每个页面都有一个主框架,并且假设页面级交互(如 click)在主框架中操作。

A Page can have one or more Frame objects attached to it. Each page has a main frame and page-level interactions (like click) are assumed to operate in the main frame.

页面可以附加带有 iframe HTML 标记的附加框架。可以访问这些框架以在框架内进行交互。

A page can have additional frames attached with the iframe HTML tag. These frames can be accessed for interactions inside the frame.

// Locate element inside frame
const username = await page.frameLocator('.frame-class').getByLabel('User Name');
await username.fill('John');


Frame objects

可以使用 page.frame() API 访问框架对象:

One can access frame objects using the page.frame() API:

// Get frame using the frame's name attribute
const frame = page.frame('frame-login');

// Get frame using frame's URL
const frame = page.frame({ url: /.*domain.*/ });

// Interact with the frame
await frame.fill('#username-input', 'John');